Every time you buy groceries, coffee or fast food you could be earning cash and rewards. Sign up for the rewards programs at the places you visit most frequently. Then, use the resulting rewards for cash back, gift cards or future savings.

Earning Money Through Multiple Careers

These are sites where you can take surveys, sign up for free samples, print coupons and perform other tasks to earn points. These points can be converted into gift cards or cash. Palfish is an app that allows you to teach English to kids in China. Alternatively, you can always find local students for tutoring.

Do you have a spare room or unused garage? Someone who needs living space or room for their stuff will be glad to pay you for it. Or if you are OK with catering to guests, sign up with Airbnb.

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Check out Uber and Lyft to earn some extra cash with your car. There are also designated driver services that pay you to drive people home safely. Get rid of those unused TVs, video game consoles, mobile phones and computers. Take them to your local video game seller or auction them on eBay.

Walk away with cash. See an ad when you unlock your phone.

32 Highest Paying Websites For Writers - 2019

Get paid. A lot of mobile banking and investment apps will round up your spending to the nearest dollar and invest the change. It can be a nice way to get your feet wet in investing without much effort.

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Wrap your car in ads. Then, earn a small commission when people respond. Retailers and holiday specialty stores need help during certain times of the year. These are great times to earn extra cash by taking a few shifts. Volkno will give you points to watch movie, video game and TV trailers.

25 Ways to Turn Your Interests Into Income

You can turn these in for Amazon gift cards. Earn extra cash as a freelance writer. I have previously written about how to launch a freelance writing career. If you already have a ton of hands-on experience in a certain niche, consider consulting other businesses or individuals as a freelancer. Even part-time consulting can net you some serious income. Use your admin skills and earn a second income. A lot of companies are more than glad to hire remote, part-time reps who can work from home. Watch kids to earn some spare cash.

24 Easy Ways to Make Money Writing Online in - Elna Cain

If you are new to investing, consider a robo-advisor service. If you can afford to let your money sit, consider bank account churning to earn some extra income in the next year. Forget the school bookstore. Sell your textbooks directly to other students instead through FB groups or Uni forums. You can profit, they can save. Law firms will pay you to sit on a mock jury. This helps them to plan legal strategies or determine if a case is worth pursuing. Be aware that some information you deal with could be sensitive or upsetting.

Receive free samples and create detailed product reviews and walkthroughs.

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Even better, you keep the products most of the time. Hit up garage sales, Craigslist and thrift stores.

The Important Reasons You Need Multiple Streams of Income

Resell the items you get for a profit on eBay. Keep an eye out for casting calls for extras. However, this option is mainly limited to larger cities. Get some exercise while you earn by walking dogs in your neighborhood. Or you can take it one step further and organize a doggie daycare. Buy storage lots at auction, then profit from the contents within.

Just be aware that you might find some duds along the way. Refunds from utility companies and forgotten bank accounts are just a few examples of unclaimed cash that could be in your name. Use your talent as a writer, poet, artist, musician or cook to make money entering and winning contests. Years ago, I entered over a hundred essay writing contests and won eleven of them. That was some nice cash in my pocket. Work for Shipt or other companies to earn money by doing grocery shopping for others. You can also volunteer to cook some meals for a little extra if you are confident in your skills.

Are you really watching all of those channels? Can you save money with a new provider or by bundling? People will pay up to 50 dollars a day, even more for you to keep their homes safe while they travel. You can earn even more money for watering plants, light cleaning or pet sitting.


You can do the job part-time if you are good with those. Spend your weekends and evenings enjoying a sport you love. Sign up as a ref or umpire at your local league or club. If you can stand still for long periods of time, you could work as a life model. Check out your local college or university for openings. That said, it is by no means easy money. Blogging takes a lot of work, strategy and effort to get started. Sometimes it can take years before you see the results of that hard work. The most important driver is choosing a topic both you and your audience is passionate about, and then working to connect with readers and solve their problems.

In fact, I often felt as though I was throwing things at the wall, just to see what would stick. In the course, I walk you through every step, from discovering and connecting with your audience and creating your cornerstone content, to running a thriving business. If you have good verbal and technical skills, are extremely organized, and understand the responsibilities of blogging or running your own business, there are plenty of business owners who could use your help!

A virtual assistant helps other business owners stay organized, answer emails, manage their schedule, book travel, proofread documents, and perform any other number of tasks that can be done from home. You can also set up your own freelance profile and apply to jobs on upwork.

While multi-level-marketing MLM companies sometimes get a bad rap, they can actually be a great way to earn additional income from home, as well as an excuse to connect with other people, and even a chance to earn trips and other rewards. However, there can be some serious drawbacks.