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Right to get the last value you need the mass of acid used: 0.

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Hopefully the figues from that combine with my first post should give you something that makes sense. UrganNagru , Jan 18, Hmmm looking back at it cheating might be a bad idea won't show how you got the mass being as I was using the bloody answer to caculate it. Guess just have to cheat again to get that by saying you made up the sample of acid by dilluting the solid form of the acid. Edit: Just out of curiosity did they actually do this experiment or not, if not I'd be worried about their teacher, bit daft expecting them to do a report for coursework with out doing the experiment.

They are not interested in hard numbers, the teacher is interested in a formula to calculate the n if you were to determine this by titration. So you will end up with a formula with 3 variables to calculate n. Mass, volume and concentration which is the data you collect during a potential titration. You'd be suprised what some teachers try to pull off through blind insistance that it has to be done their way, even if it makes fook all sense, luckily mine never tried that with anything important.

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How did you get the We plugged in the 0. Unless we've messed up? She hasn't done this specific experiment it seems like a conceptual thing to make sure they acctually understand the entire titration topic. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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  • The links are to sites or documents that give more information about the practical procedures involved. Carl is a highly-qualified tutor, teacher and examiner of chemistry with an outstanding track record of helping students to achieve top grades in science. Thank you so much..

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    Ive been looking for rlly long for research questions.. Your email address will not be published. Tutor applications Tutor login. Acids and bases are not all the same strength. They can be described as weak or strong and you might be asked what that means during your exams. Acids are compounds that split into two ions when dissolved in water; one or more positive hydrogen ions and negative counter ions.

    The splitting is called dissociation. A weak acid, such as citric acid, only partially dissociates. This means that some of the acid splits into its ions but some of it stays together. A weak acid exists in equilibrium so some of the whole acid is being formed at the same time some of the acid is splitting into its ions so there should always be the same amount of ions present. This applies to bases as well but in this case the ion of interest is OH-.

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