Remember, your proposed research should achievable within the available time and resources.

How to Write an English Thesis Proposal

Do some preliminary research and narrow down your area of interest. You also need to make sure that your engineering thesis proposal is clearly defined. Choose something that you find genuinely interesting. The first important step in writing a stellar proposal has a clear plan. During the prewriting phase, you create a strategy on how you will approach the task. This also includes conducting research for credible sources and creating an outline.

The outline helps to make sure that no important details are left out. Once you have a clear plan, you should then proceed with the drafting process. Remember to clearly describe your thesis proposal methodology, indicating how you plan to collect and analyze data.

You should also indicate the strengths and drawbacks of your preferred methods. During the drafting phase, don stress over grammar and syntax. We recommend allocating some time for editing and proofreading at the end. The final, and arguably the most important, phase of writing an undergraduate thesis proposal is editing. Your instructor expects a paper free of typos and grammar mistakes. Take your time to carefully read through the work, correcting spelling, typing, formatting, and content errors. Of course, students should always try to work on their assignments.

CSULA Department of English | Thesis Guidelines | Cal State LA

However, we know that this is not always possible due to several reasons. Maybe you have a job that consumes much of your time, or you have to deal with a personal emergency. Some students also just lack the writing skills needed to complete stellar papers, despite their understanding of the course material.

Then, there are also those who struggle with the English language, particularly ESL students.

MA Thesis Proposals

Whatever challenge you encounter, always remember that there is no shame in seeking help. There are so many professional writers and writing services online that can help with your economics thesis proposal. Students struggling with their proposals can now get help online. However, you need to understand that not everyone who promises a quality paper will deliver within the agreed time.

Among the writer attributes to look out for as you conduct background searches include the experience with similar tasks, academic qualifications, and responsiveness to communication. During the Spring of their third year, students take a dissertation workshop to assist in the preparation of their proposals. Generally one member of the senior faculty and one member of the junior faculty conduct the workshop, which usually meets 7 or 8 times during the Spring semester.

This workshop is a requirement of the Graduate Program; participation is mandatory. If illness or other circumstances make it impossible to attend, students must petition the GEC with a proposal for an alternative schedule or arrangement.

The final draft of the Dissertation proposal is to be submitted to the Graduate Executive Committee for approval by the last day of classes of the spring semester. The finished proposal, which has been signed on the first page by all members of the dissertation committee , must then be submitted to the GEC for approval.

The GEC can either approve a proposal as it stands, approve it provisionally requiring the student to make fairly minor modifications or clarifications to be approved by the GEC , or reject it.

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At the same time, they have the right to define the rules of cooperation, e. The exact tasks of the Supervisor may be determined more specifically by the Departments.

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If the Supervisor — because of some impediment — cannot continue their advisory work, students may choose a deputy supervisor with the consent of the Head , whose rights and responsibilities are the same as those of the original Supervisor. As of Spring there is a supervisor's commitment clause. The Supervisor has the right to influence the marking of the thesis and to be present and rise to speak at the Final Examination of her student, but not to set questions to the candidate or participate in the assessment of the Final Examination.


The actual codes of the tutorials depend on the Department in charge, e. Note that C3 has C2 as its strong prerequisite, so you cannot take both in the same semester. If you want to graduate in a spring semester, take C2 in the autumn semester and then C3 in the spring semester. If you want to graduate in an autumn semester, take C2 in a spring semester and C3 in the autumn semester.

Read on. Then — on the same form — the title and the Supervisor if not a member of SEAS are to be approved by the Head, who also sets the topics for the oral Final Examination by indicating the topic number on the form. The submission of the thesis title must be preceded by substantial preliminary studies of the chosen field. There must be a period of at least 6 months between the submission of the title and the Final Examination. To meet this deadline Departments may require that you submit the proposal and the form one or two weeks earlier to allow time for the Head to consider the proposal, and to allow the student time to rewrite it if it gets rejected.

Please inquire at the relevant Department. In the thesis the author must demonstrate sufficient maturity for an MA degree. Thesis writers should therefore be prepared to receive thorough criticism and a realistic assessment of their MA theses. They are requested to accept the fact that at this level strict criticism or even refusal are concomitants of serious academic work. Degree Theses are expected to demonstrate that their authors are capable of synthesizing acquired knowledge, making the first steps necessary for scholarly work, and applying the methodological, technical and stylistic tools required in English language academic argumentation.

Theses are expected to review the recent and, if necessary, the not so recent literature on the topic, cite abundantly from it including other successful theses written on the topic either agreeing or disagreeing with the sources. It is important, however, to put all citations from others between quotation marks, and indicate immediately afterwards the page s where they originate from. By writing their name on the thesis, students officially state that it is their own work. Should the thesis — at any place — contain someone else's ideas without acknowledgement or words without quotation marks and precise references, the student will be charged for plagiarism, the thesis will automatically be failed i.

Read about University policy regarding plagiarism. Each submitted thesis must contain the following declaration inserted before the title page valid for the MA in English programme only, or use the one given on the Faculty site :. The thesis must be typed or printed, single or double sided. The required length is minimally n including spaces, i.

The Research Proposal

The certificate of research, title page, abstract, table of contents, notes, references and appendices are not included in this length. The language of the thesis is English. The technical apparatus should be consistent and should conform to the English or American norms, and to the conventions of the particular subject.

The latter are to be discussed with the Supervisor. For further details also consult the specific requirements of the Departments. The study should start with a short abstract, summarizing the most important ideas and results of the work. This should be followed by a detailed table of contents. The body of the text is, ideally, divided into chapters and subchapters. The thesis can also be submitted in double sided printing both the hardbound and the ring-bound copy.

Theses must be submitted in two copies one hardbound -- usually black in colour -- and one stitched or ring-bound to the Faculty's Registrar. Submission deadlines are specified by the Registrar every term. The deadline for electronic submission is identical to that of the Faculty. Should someone miss the thesis submission deadline, their Final Exam will be postponed by one term. The hard copies of the thesis are forwarded to the Institute by the Registrar.