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Look at the two sentences I selected. I have already told you how to fix the first one.

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Make that correction. For the second sentence, I cannot make corrections, because your meaning is unclear to me. I do know that it should be broken into several short sentences.

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Do that, and post the result here. Once we have gotten your introduction straightened out, we can think about the rest of the essay.


For the organization, start by defining capital punishment. The U.

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What sort of system of capital punishment are you talking about? What are its key features?

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  7. This is especially important because you are arguing in favor of capital punishment. If you were arguing against it, you might be able to get away with making a moral case against ever killing convicted criminals, but if you are arguing for it, you need to specify what sort of system you support. Sometimes the society too, is convinced that these criminals don't deserve to live.

    Capital Punishment Essay Ideas, Topics and Samples

    Allowing such criminals to live would only mean that more people follow the path of crime. Therefore giving them the death sentence would not only be a suitable form of justice, it would also set an example for other criminals and prevent future crimes from occurring. As the saying goes, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth".

    People should know better than to commit such crimes. Hardened criminals obviously won't have any positive effect on humanity and the human race is better off without them. People, who've taken away the lives of others and broken up families while knowing that it is against the law, probably have no conscience. Rehabilitation, Imprisonment, or anything else is not going to help them change for the better. Moreover prisoners aren't compelled to work and survive on food and shelter provided by taxpayers.

    Why should civilized people help criminals live?

    Since they have no contribution to make to the world, they'd rather be put to death. Moreover stretching the life out of them is probably worse then killing them at once.

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    However, Life is a gift given to us all. We all have been given the right to live our lives, the way we want to. Taking away someone else's is definitely beyond our auth Continue reading this essay Continue reading.