You will find the link to your paper submission on Titanium; after few minutes of your submission, you will get your similarity percentage. If you do not title your reference page correctly, Turnitin engine may count them as similarity percentage; It is possible to remove those manually; however in most cases it is tedious task. After grades are posted for your paper, on the same link, you will find the grademark comments and your overall grade. Before your next submission go over your detailed paper feedback and incorporate the feedback for future assignments.

To create your paper to send for publication, there few open source software that makes your paper look more professional. For more information regarding each citation format, you can use these links:. Use Bibliography for your references and use Peer-reviewed or Refereed Journals. You can find many articles on the library website.

For the articles that are not available to access immediately, you can order those by placing an order through ILLiad service. To use this service, go to ILLiad Website and follow the directions on the screen. Do not merely repeat what other people have already said. Form your own opinions based on facts and show the reader that you understand the meaning of what you have found.

Cite your resources properly. You must use at least three references from books or Peer reviewed journal articles; additional references are encouraged.

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The expectations remain the same no matter what your level of education, all that changes is matter of degrees. For instance, what counts as "a significant amount" of research varies from first year undergraduate to master's student.

Grading Smarter, Not Harder: Making and Using a Rubric

The categories are not weighted equally but are considered in the context of the others. The writing is dull and unsatisfying. Though the paper has some interesting parts, the reader finds it difficult to maintain interest.

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  5. The tone is generally professional. For the most part, it is appropriate for an academic research paper.

    9th Grade Research Paper Rubric

    Compelling evidence from professionally legitimate sources is given to support claims. Attribution is clear and fairly represented. Professionally legitimate sources that support claims are generally present and attribution is, for the most part, clear and fairly represented. Although attributions are occasionally given, many statements seem unsubstantiated. The reader is confused about the source of information and ideas.

    Discussion Rubrics

    References are primarily peer-reviewed professional journals or other approved sources The reader is confident that the information and ideas can be trusted. Although most of the references are professionally legitimate, a few are questionable e. The reader is uncertain of the reliability of some of the sources.

    Writing Rubric for Assignments

    Most of the references are from sources that are not peer-reviewed and have uncertain reliability. The reader doubts the accuracy of much of the material presented.

    There are virtually no sources that are professionally reliable. The reader seriously doubts the value of the material and stops reading. All sources information and graphics are accurately documented, but a few are not in the desired format.

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