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This conception of the divine dignity of work is distinctive of Hebrew and Christian Ethics. An Anglican Catechism.

The Church upholds the dignity of labour, whether it is in productive or service work, or whether it is in the rearing of children and the maintenance of the home. University of California Press. Methodist teaching, especially, favoured the creation of wage-earners and stressed the dignity of labour and desirability of manual skills.

Reformation and Society in Guernsey. Work discipline was engendered through such measures, and through the general Calvinist-inspired emphasis on the dignity of labour in one's calling.

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Promoting Dignity for Manual Labour

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It protects freedom,29 autonomy,30 equality,31 and — it appears — certain labour rights;32 as well as rights specifically concerning vulnerable persons such as the elderly,33 including socio-economic rights. I return to this point below. A conceptual haziness also characterises how human dignity and its manifestations are described across the book. At the same time, the definitions she offers in response to sceptics mostly skate on the surface of some of the controversies and tensions identified in specifying what human dignity demands in particular contexts — and I return to this below.

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See also, on autonomy, TAOD, pp The substance versus rhetoric issue is broader. There is tension within the book between two perspectives on human dignity. On this topic, see the outline of the criticism and response in Barak, Human Dignity: The Constitutional Value and the Constitutional Right n 4 pp Indeed, her support for evolutive interpretation versus originalism both embodies an evaluative stance and presupposes that there are morally sound and morally unsound accounts of human dignity and of the substantive scope of human rights.

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After all, if human dignity is meant to be the compass that guides us through what to hold onto its eternal aspect and what to break away from its subversive aspect then it surely has much to do with morality. The moral defensibility of this reality is too vast a matter to discuss or The — perhaps disquieting — allusions to civility and civilisation in TAOD are multiple: see TAOD, pp 78, , , , See text to n above.

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Nationality as referent for interpersonal relations, and the human alienating effect of Us and Them are brought back again, simply transferred from their previous intra-Community context to the new intercommunity one. We have made little progress if the Us becomes European instead of German or French or British and the Them becomes those outside the Community or those inside who do not enjoy the privileges of citizenship. Could some be seen to be deservedly destitute?

Yet foreigners do not enjoy the full range of civil and political or socio-economic rights and benefits associated with EU citizenship.

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Of course our all too human grasp of how best to navigate this morally contested terrain is likely to be flawed; we must try our best nonetheless. Related Papers. By Jacob Weinrib.

click here By Ollie Burrows.