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Could you feel bad about yourself for acting against your values or judgment? All important considerations! When it comes to pressures around alcohol and other drug use, something else to think about is that most students overestimate how many of their peers drink or use drugs.

How to deal with peer pressure?

The truth is that many fewer college students drink or use drugs than people assume. It's similar with sex and "hooking up"—most students have a skewed idea of what others are doing.

How peer pressure works

Knowing the facts can help you to resist pressures based on the idea that "everyone is doing it" and that you must party to fit in. When faced with overt or indirect pressure to do something you're not sure about, try using the following strategies:. Last modified: August 16, UC Santa Cruz.

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When faced with overt or indirect pressure to do something you're not sure about, try using the following strategies: Give yourself permission to avoid people or situations that don't feel right and leave a situation that becomes uncomfortable. Work on setting boundaries.

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It's OK for you to do what is best for you. Check in with yourself. Ask, "How am I feeling about this?

You can ask others to stop these behaviors, or you can choose to avoid spending time with people who act in these ways. Spend time with people who respect your decisions and won't put unfair pressure on you to conform. The desire to fit in and feel like you are part of a group is completely normal, and most people feel this way their entire lives.

The important thing about peer pressure is that it can sometimes be positive, but other times it can be a bad influence in our lives. Combating the pressure of your peers can be challenging but it's essential that you know what your own personal values are and where you stand about certain things. One of the ways you can fight peer pressure is to be involved in a group of friends who are focused on their schooling, and even join a club or sports team.

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Stay busy and avoid parties where you think drinking and drugs might be involved. Instead, order a pizza and have some friends over for a movie night. Pressure can be in the form of drug or alcohol use, sexual pressure, the pressure to do something wrong like commit vandalism, or even something like bullying. When you're in college, it can be harder to avoid peer pressure since you're on your own, an adult, and maybe even living away from home.