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And keep an eye out for Smarf, a stuffed puppet that looks like the product of Alf mating with a cat rather than eating one. Redditors had complained that the thing they found and promoted had been co-opted and mined for clicks by other sites.

Too many cooks spoil the broth / Many hands make light work

Why was Lars von Trier credited with playing a pie? Does Victoria Sun have a boyfriend? Has David Lynch seen it?

The Hindu - Opinion

Fake Twitter handles started appearing for members of its fake cast. What did it all mean? But to avoid mix-ups, we all divide responsibilities, otherwise there is bound to be confusion.

At one job there should be one hand. If the boat is rowed by more than one boatman, they should have a perfect and clear understanding.

`Too many cooks spoil the broth’ - The Hindu

Otherwise each one will do so differently and cause mishap. In a kitchen, if more than one cook prepares the same dish, there is possibility of the dish being spoiled if all are allowed to have their say.

Everyone's work is no one's responsibility. Each person does the job the way likes.

The result is nothing but a big chaos. To sum up, we can say that too many hands always create confusion. In a house with too many servant or masters, there will no order.

Too many cooks spoil the broth ??

So cooks in a kitchen, if too many, spoil the broth. Nice but you can improve it a little bit more.

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