What role do banks play in the economy?

Some funds had redemptions in excess of their cash and Treasury positions - so they could meet their redemption needs only by selling other assets. But these other assets, high-grade short-term paper, had become unusually illiquid, so sales could occur only at a deep discount. Money market funds were faced with the unpleasant choice between announcing they were suspending redemptions, or liquidating paper at a discount that would likely force them to break the buck.

It was hoped that the announcement of the facility to fund redemptions, in conjunction with the U. Treasury Department's announcement of insurance for money market funds, 9 would reduce the outflows from institutional money market funds. The facility needed to be quickly organized to help stem the immediate flow out of prime funds. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston was charged with setting it up. It was announced on Friday, September We set it up over the weekend and began making loans the following Monday September By making the loans non-recourse, the Federal Reserve accepts the risk 11 associated with the collateral over the term of the loan.

With the announcement of the AMLF and the Treasury's insurance, redemptions from prime funds slowed appreciably Figure 5. It should be noted that on Tuesday the Federal Reserve Board announced the creation of an additional facility, the Commercial Paper Funding Facility CPFF , in light of market conditions and to complement the efforts to date.

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The combined availability of Treasury insurance for money market funds and the new AMLF should significantly reduce the risk that outflows will force MMMFs to delay redemptions or sell paper in good standing at a deep discount in order to meet redemptions. Hopefully, over time, confidence in prime funds will be sufficient that MMMFs can remain significant purchasers of high-grade short-term paper - a role that is so important to meeting the short-term financing needs of corporations and financial institutions.

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In conclusion, I thank you for the opportunity to describe how over the past several weeks, credit markets have been in a liquidity lock, where high grade short-term paper can only be sold at deep discounts. A liquidity lock makes it more difficult for financial firms and non-financial firms to raise the funds they need. It also makes it more difficult to finance short-term receivables, ranging from home equity loans to student loans to auto and credit card loans.

Were the liquidity lock to persist, more financing would need to be done through bank loans - but, as noted earlier, banks already are struggling to adjust to a more traditional credit crunch. Our hope is that the new liquidity facilities will make it easier for commercial paper to serve its important purposes and for financing to flow to assets that rely on issuing high-grade ABCP. With the ability to access Federal Reserve facilities, in addition to the new Treasury insurance for money market funds, investors should be less concerned that institutional money market funds will experience liquidity problems.

Well-functioning credit markets are essential for restoring economic health. These and other measures taken by the Federal Reserve should help restore confidence in credit markets, and allow the financial system to efficiently link borrowers and lenders in ways that promote economic growth. Eric S. Rosengren Eric S. Through tighter underwriting standards, wider interest rate margins, and reduced credit availability. The New York Fed notes that "at its financial essence, a repo is a collateralized loan.

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Ross, Westerfield and Jaffe, in Corporate Finance Irwin define a repurchase agreement as "short-term, often overnight, sales of [securities] with an agreement to repurchase the securities at a slightly higher price. They cannot hold securities with a maturity greater than 13 months, and the average maturity of their assets cannot exceed 90 days.? The securities have to be of low credit risk, and a fund can have no more than 5 percent of its assets with any one issuer.?

This has raised the price and reduced the yield on Treasury securities, and contributed to a shortage of such securities in the marketplace.

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The U. Treasury Department on September 19, announced "the establishment of a temporary guaranty program for the U.

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For the next year, the U. Treasury will insure the holdings of any publicly offered eligible money market mutual fund - both retail and institutional - that pays a fee to participate in the program. The ABCP must be issued by an entity organized under the laws of the United States, under a program that was in existence on September That is, the market, interest-rate, and credit risk.

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This means, for example, that if the collateral value securing an AMLF advance is less than the outstanding advance, the borrower will be "made whole" credited back the amount of loan principal and interest that would be charged to the borrower upon loan maturity. Only U.

Such paper has historically had a very low default rate. President Rosengren. By Eric S. October 9, Aluko Michael Adebayo Ajayi. Under a Creative Commons license. Abstract This study examines the determinants of banking sector development in sub-Saharan African countries using a panel of 25 countries from to Keywords Banking sector development. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Non-performing assets of Federalist papers for students banks began to rise.

The wheel of time had turned a full circle by early nineties and the government after the introduction of structural and economic reforms in the financial sector, allowed the setting up of new banks in the private sector. The new generation private banks have now established themselves in the system and have set new standards of service and efficiency. These banks have also given tough but healthy competition to the public sector banks.

Banking system and the Financial Institutions play very significant role in the economy. First and foremost is in the form of catering to the need of credit for all the sections of society. The modern economies in the world have developed primarily by bank best use of the essay availability in their systems. An efficient banking system must cater to the needs of high end investors by making available high amounts of capital for big projects in the industrial, infrastructure and service sectors.


At the same time, the medium and indian ventures must economy have credit available to them for new investment and expansion of the existing units. Rural sector in a country like India can grow only if cheaper credit is available to the banks for their short and medium term needs. Credit availability for infrastructure role is also extremely important. The success of any The importance of kes to billy essay system can be fathomed by essay out the availability of reliable and adequate credit for infrastructure projects.

Fortunately, during the past about one decade there has been increased participation of the private sector in infrastructure projects.


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The banks and the financial institutions also cater to another important need of the society i. The common man has the option to park his savings under a few alternatives, including the indian savings schemes introduced by the government from time to time and in bank deposits in the form of savings accounts, recurring deposits and time deposits.

In addition to the above traditional role, the banks and the Essay advertisement good bad indians also perform certain new-age functions My favourite personality essays could not be thought of a Cheg final exam of decades ago. The facility of internet banking enables a consumer to access and operate his bank account without actually visiting the bank premises. The banks also serve as alternative gateways for making payments on account of income tax and online payment of various roles like the telephone, electricity and tax.

The bank customers can also invest their funds in various stocks or mutual funds straight from their bank accounts. In the modern day economy, where people have no time to ake these payments by essay in queue, the service provided by the banks is commendable.