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Indian anti-begging laws. Is begging crime in India? iPleaders.

Beggars are a burden on the society. Some Beggars may really be needy but there numbers are few. Now, our government and we the masses have a responsibility to take appropriate measures to eliminate this curse from our society. The government should introduce some schemes and trainings through which they can earn their future living. There should be strict laws to restrict beggary and police should have powers to punish those who are responsible for bringing them on streets.


Zakat funds should be utilised on deserving persons. Job opportunities should be provide to the eligible persons according to their skills and aptitude. Great Article, I do appreciate people come up with solutions not just discussing problems….. The beggars are increasing day by day and they are taking this as a profession and they are not the really needy of the donation as they are able to earn their own as they are physically fit and young peoples.

You define with the nice role of us towards them. But, that rarely happens here according to lawyers. Also Parents whose children are found begging can be arrested and put in jail for three years.

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The Lahore High Court in the year gave a ruling that professional beggary should be discouraged. Beggars are mostly found in main urban cities ad main areas of these cities. They run markets of beggary in every city called mandi where they gathered around from all over the cities when there is Urs, mela like in Bari Iman, Data Darbar etc. As it is organized crime, they do deals in that mandi and assigned their tasks and areas where they beg.

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Khan F. Begging culture is not as simple as it seems like, now there is a whole mafia and series of crimes is also related to it. They even deceive innocent women and rob them. Also children beggars are mostly those who were kidnapped first by this mafia, and then converted into horrific appearance or disabilities which can be convenient tool for extorting money whatever they can.

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Even though begging is illegal in Pakistan, according to West Pakistan Vagrancy Ordinance , but this law remains principally unforced as a massive increase in the number of beggars since past decades. According to Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, 39, poor and neglected children have been facilitated by the Bureau in six years. No doubt the professional beggars here in Pakistan are begging with their own choice and they are the real culprits but child beggars in the city are not choosers and they beg involuntarily.

This is only the amount of children in begging, other than children there are number of beggars who are mostly disabled or pretend to be disable person.

Don’t Give Money to Beggars

Their lives are being controlled by huge network of beggar mafia who also allots them their territory where they have to beg. They are being trained professionally and tortured inhumanly that if someone just asks about their network or masters, they get scared to death.

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Many children run away because they witness violence in their homes. Haroon Memorial Welfare researches about different beggars. Average daily wedges ranges from Rs. Most of these beggars were children who did not even wearing proper cloths and shoes. There should be awareness programs against this begging mafia, so that only deserving people could get aid. Begging is now one of the organized crime and it need to be eliminated by serious policy formulation and planning.

The Business of Begging

It needs to be eliminated from the society because it is producing a dependent person which is something dangerous for development and progress of a country as it assists in different crimes. Labels: begging. Unknown 21 August at Jennifer Thompson 17 September at Unknown 30 September at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Anti-Begging Law- Is Begging a Crime?