Reducing America's Dependence on Foreign Oil As a Strategy to

In early December , it was reported that the US had turned into a net exporter of oil "last week", thus breaking nearly 75 continuous years of dependence on foreign oil. Reportedly, the US sold overseas a net of , barrels a day of crude and refined products such as gasoline and diesel.

U.S. Oil Dependence Remains a Problem

This, compared to net imports of about three million barrels a day on average previously during and the prior annual peak of more than 12 million barrels a day during , as confirmed by the US Energy Information Administration. In March , crude oil prices regained momentum after reports showed an unexpected drop in US fuel supplies. The American Petroleum Institute reported domestic crude inventories declined 2. The US Energy Information Administration was due to report on the official numbers on domestic supply and demand. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Main articles: Energy conservation , Energy development , and Mitigation of peak oil.

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Retrieved December 16, Friedman August 24, The New York Times. February 19, Retrieved April 1, The Globe and Mail. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Oil companies are taking advantage of the power they have over gas prices and the economy is at one of the lowest points in all of our history.

It can be seen that the way things are going now that change needs to occur for America to get back on its feet. Drastic changes will need to happen if we are going to continue to enjoy living in a very advanced and prominent country.

The US oil dependency

By developing proper offshore drilling techniques, and alternate energy, America could eliminate debt and lessen dependence on foreign oil Strong Essays words 6. There are three primary actions that America might take in order to reduce its dependence on foreign oil: Alaskan oil drilling, off-shore oil drilling, and natural gas drilling. Strong Essays words 2. However, these scares highlight a massive issue with the U. Why does it matter that our oil should come from over seas. There are 4 things that I would like to address: what the problem is, how it affects us, what some solutions are, and what solutions I feel are best Strong Essays words 3.

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Nature is a resource that has been here for as long as people have. We use trees for paper, the rivers and lakes for drinking water and power, and oil for factories and everyday things we come in contact with Pro-Quest staff reports that the United States are getting a majority of oil imported from their countries which can be a point of concern in fuel cost. Brazil uses sugar cane to produce ethanol in contrast to the use of corn in the U. This, along with other complaints about ethanol fuel, argues negative long-term consequences and describes future problems that may occur when using ethanol fuel.

However, demand for biofuel feedstocks is overwhelming a food supply system that was already overextended by surging demand. The lack of food in a situation like this would cause the price of crops like corn to rise, which affects most of the food market because corn is so implemented in food today. These people with concerns of a staving population are in a sense, strong supporters of petroleum use and foreign oil and do not see the potential of a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy.

The concern of excess pesticides in the soil and runoff is another reason that people have concern for bio-fuel and are hesitant on this subject. Although support for bio-fuels may cause problems like these; the emission problem, which is the main cause of global warming, seems to be a more immediate problem than situations like runoff. Ethanol fuel in a high concentration with gasoline has benefits such as a separation from foreign oil, it burns cleaner compared to gasoline which is good for the environment, and it is a renewable resource which can be grown as opposed to the nonrenewable of gasoline and petroleum.

Even though there are a majority of benefits, there are also some concerns about the state of the food supply and the environment for example. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you? Why replace shelf based document archive to digital document archive today? The islands of the Maldives Essay.

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