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No notes for slide. Shanel le 11Design Task 5 — Child 2. The product should have a pirate theme. I have chosen to research and design a bench with storage capacity for children in the specific age group of The reason for my choice is that at this age, children have a lot of playthings, however, storage space which is easily accessible to the child, is often a challenge. My aim is to produce an ergonomic design that provides functional and aesthetic value in addition to arresting the interests of the consumer through evaluation of their mindset and thorough anthropometric research.

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While attractive storage benches are available in other parts of the world within a reasonable price range, the range of seating incorporating storage capacity for children in my age range, is extremely scarce in the UAE. I have found,during my research that the few benches that are available incorporate colour and are functional to an extent, though they lack appeal for the specific target audience I have chosen to cater to, through my design. I would like my design to be bright, bold and vibrant as well as have a utility value, which is a feature I have not seen in the benches available in the local market.

Aesthetics: This product has a beautiful butterfly and floral motif which is aesthetically pleasing thereby increasing its saleability. The pretty pink palette, though stereotypical, remains the colour scheme in highest demand for little girls within the target age group. Its excellent finish and polished surfaces add to the beauty of the product. It is cost effective which is appealing to the target audience. The use of softer surface materials may have enhanced the comfort of the seat. Products Currently Available Internationally Aesthetics: This product is fun and colourful with an animal theme which will attract its target audience.

A special poem is printed onto the backrest as well, though this particular feature may not be completely suitable for the younger age group, who are still learning to read. Aesthetics: This toy box is very simple however, has a very large toy storage capacity. The lid opens easily allowing for kids to use the product easily and effectively. It is very easy to keep clean.

Safety Features: The lid of the storage box detaches to prevent the children from accidentally hurting themselves when using the product. It has no sharp edges. Features: The design can be used to optimise room space as it can occupy a corner. This product also provides storage space for toys and books. The seat and backrest are padded with polyurethane foam making the seating area comfortable. Price:USD — This product is priced considerably higher than other similar products.

The price difference is due to the usage of Baltic Birch, however, such a product may suit long term usage such as in a hospital or library but could possibly be too expensive for a family whose children will soon outgrow it. Products Currently Available Internationally 5. Similar Products Available in the U. It has a mid ranged cost though lacking the kind of aesthetic appeal required for children.

Materials used : ABS plastic which is a strong recyclable plastic with high impact resistance , particle board- being cheaper, denser and more uniform than conventional wood , acrylic paint and melamine foil to add aesthetic value. The treasure chest shape would be particularly appealing to little children. My comments : During my research I have noticed that the product I would like to create, is not readily available in the local market.

The benches available are plain in design and not aesthetically appealing to the target market. Little children have a lot of toys and playthings and families with young children often struggle with space to store all the toys as well as trying to keep the home looking tidy. My product provides storage and the design allows for young children to be able to reach and access the storage areas safely and easily. Children love to feel self sufficient and the product encourages children to learn how to tidy their own belongings.

The Airline Industry: The airline industry is a highly competitive market and modern successful airlines are quickly learning that to be ahead of the game , they need to have a distinct edge over the competition. Leading aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus are developing designs that include common bar areas, simulated mini golf and swimming pools on board.

However, an area that I believe is still to be developed are play areas for children, as little children often find long plane flights difficult — causing anxiety for parents as well as other passengers. The product could be adapted to the specifications required for the interiors of an aircraft.

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Client Options Hospitals: I believe that paediatric hospitals as well as maternity wards would be interested in a toy storage bench as it would help to provide entertainment for small children while sitting in waiting rooms. It would also make the children feel special as they would have their own little area to sit in that was fun and colourful in comparison to the usual chairs provided for everyone.

This product would be useful in a maternity ward as many mothers have slightly older children who have to stay at the hospital for the time that they are there.

It would keep the kids occupied while their parents were busy. Primary Schools and Day Care Centres: I think that primary schools, kindergartens and day care centres would benefit from childrens storage benches. It would provide an aesthetically pleasing storage facility for all the toys and playthings that they have.

This product would also enhance the look of the daycare centre or kindergarten as it would add colour to the room. It allows for more seating and keeps the children entertained and happy. My product would also enhance the look of the foundation classrooms as it would add more colour to the room. As children of this age tend to sit on the floor when playing with their things, my product would be beneficial as it provides a play mat for a more comfortable play area.

The foundation children are ideal customers for my product as the product provides them with storage, bright colours and the pirate theme which would usually only be aimed at little boys, incorporates a picture of a parrot pirate, thereby making the product suitable and appealing to little both boys and girls. My product can be used by more than one child and can be kept for some years, adding to the value of the product. The mat will allow for additional seating on the ground while protecting their little feet from germs and cold floors while playing with their toys. The foundation teachers find their students antics amusing but they often have to pick up after the kids as the toys are strewn all over the floor and the neat pile that they attempts to make in one corner, is always brought down within a few hours!

With the limited space in the classroom, the teachers would like to have a specific area where the kids can sit and have their own space and where the toys can be stored away in a more organized manner. They have been to a few stores to look for a piece of furniture but are always disappointed, as benches with storage space are available but the colours are always targeted at either a boy race cars and super hero themes or a girl everything in pink with Barbie or fairy themes and they are keen to pick up a piece of furniture that would be appealing to both the girls and boys in the class.

The foundation children get along really well and love role play, stories and stuffed toys. Clien t Profi le 8. However, I was unable to find any benches with storage or a product that combined seating, storage and play fun all in one. In what may be considered a stereotypical fashion, the products targeted either a boy or a girl and the range of unisex furniture products was extremely limited. I believe that Home Centre is the ideal store to market my product as it is part of the Landmark Group which is one of the largest retail conglomerates in the Middle East and India.

The Landmark Group has a diverse portfolio of retail and hospitality brands. With 92 stores across the Middle East, North Africa and India, Home Centre offers an impressive variety of fine furniture and furnishings, home accessories, kitchenware, outdoor furniture and gift ideas distinguished by affordable prices, good value and comprehensive service. The revamped showrooms display distinct attention to current trends, emphasise the vast product range and commit to earth-friendly initiatives and safety standards.

Home Centre aims at making every visit to its store a treat for the whole family. My comments: I have researched several different types of manufactured board to see which one I think I should use for my product. I have decided to use Medium Density Fibreboard because the boards are smooth, strong and extremely resistant to warping. Its layered structure makes fixing to the edges difficult.

MDF is a board used industrially for the production of furniture, especially shelves and cupboards. Plywood is made from thin layers of wood glued together at 90 degrees to each other. This makes plywood very strong as it cannot split along the grain like solid timber. If waterproof glue is used the plywood can be used in damp or even wet conditions.

Chipboard is made from softwood chips glued together. It is used to make kitchen worktops and carcases and is a very cheap material. It can be laminated with a melamine layer to give it a decorative and hardwearing finish. Blockboard is made from pieces of softwood in a sandwich with a thin layer of wood at the top and bottom.

It is used to make strong shelves. Hardboard is mainly used in furniture making usually as a back to a shelving unit or cupboard. It is strong and hard because it is made out of exploded wood fibres that have been highly compressed.

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Manufactured Boards Cotton floss is the most common embroidery thread. It is a thread made of mercerized cotton, composed of six strands that are only loosely twisted together and easily separable. While there are many manufacturers, the two most-commonly used and oldest brands are DMC and Anchor, both of which have been manufacturing embroidery floss since the 19th century. Other materials used are pearl or perle cotton, Danish flower thread, silk and rayon.

Different wool threads, metallic threads or other novelty threads may also be used. The blanket stitch is another easy stitch that effectively provides an edging to materials as well as securing the ends together. This stitch is ideal for most natural and synthetic materials.