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dissertation sur les modes de financement de l'economie

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  6. Hide details. Abstract : This dissertation endeavors to offer a way to bridge the gap between the analysis of real and monetary phenomena in international economics. To this end, I analyze Cantillon effects, i.

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    In Part I review the standard literature in international economics from the 19th century to contemporary theories. In Part II I use the contributions of Ludwig von Mises to the theory of money and business cycles as the foundation for the analysis of monetary expansion and international trade. In Chapter 4, I focus on the relationship between financial development and international trade.

    In Chapter 5, I analyze the impact of inflation and5fractional reserve banking on trade finance, and the transmission of business cycles across national borders. The main findings of my research are that monetary expansion modifies the direction, composition, volume and value of trade and capital flows. I apply this framework in Chapter 6, to explain the evolution of merchandise and capital flows over the last decades, and illustrate my findings with statistical evidence from the most recent financial crisis and the global trade collapse of In Part III I analyze the impact of monetary expansion on international industrial organization, and the global distribution of income and wealth.