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Sociology is a study of evolution, human behaviour, and social groups. It comprehends social class, Law Assignment , religion, culture, politics, economy, domestic affairs, etc. In short, many issues that constitute the category of social science form the basis of in-depth and across-the-board research on any sociology topic.

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Sociology dissertation

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The sociological studies encompass a large group of interdisciplinary areas. One of them is sociology and education. This branch evaluates the impact of social changes on the development of educational institutions and systems or vice versa.

Sociology Dissertation

If the society changes, it necessitates changes in every branches of life, including education. And if the education system has a breakthrough, it consequently changes the society by providing better-educated people. This is a lengthy process, which often takes generations to pass, but research can closely estimate the course of such changes. However, tuition itself is not the only objective of modern education system. Modern school is also meant to be an institution that takes care of children, prevents them from stepping onto the wrong path, or rehabilitating the marginalized ones.

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So, that is where sociology meets education. So, here are some hot sociology and education dissertation ideas. Modern sociological changes and their influence over the educational system. Technological and cybernetic augmentation — possible social consequences and equality problems in education. Stress as an influence factor on education: how to manage it.

Reinventing the past: application of a pair-based education system and its impact on progress and social integration of individuals. Religion and education: social basis of smoothing out inter-faith conflicts.