Integrate Critical Thinking Skills and Executive Functioning

Research has proven that Socratic dialogue may result in improved language, interactive, and critical thinking abilities, as well as have effect on students' self-evaluation.

The Social Express Program – Social Express

The social nature of dialogic learning may scaffold children with specific abilities to effectively interact with others and perceive those others' emotions. Presently, education of students diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorders ASDs use a variety of educational interventions, mostly inspired by behaviorist theory.

Critical Thinking for Children - 1. Introduction

These include little or no systematic use of dialogue as a pedagogical means of scaffolding students' abilities. However, several of these behaviorist methods have been tried out for a long period, educating students with ASDs, and have also proved to be successful to certain extents. In this article, we explore why and how Socratic dialogue can be used as an effective strategy for educating individuals diagnosed with autism.

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Teaching critical thinking skills to students with autism

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