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Computer Science Coursework Details

The decision about which courses you submit for review meet the background requirements is made by the faculty. The form is submitted to the grad office. Please see the pre background coursework form and checklist for a list of previous background coursework. The CS graduate department does not advise each semester, although you can visit the graduate office at any time with questions.

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You can seek information on classes from your peers, looking at course evaluation information and by going to course information. You can also attend the first day of classes and speak with the instructor.

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In addition to the requirements mentioned above, there are rules imposed by both the CS department and the Graduate School. These rules cover grades, courses taken in residence, transfer credit, time limits etc. Every student should read these rules soon after being admitted to the Masters program and make sure to satisfy them. The Graduate School specifies degree requirements in the Graduate Catalog that apply to courses counted toward a graduate degree. Read that information and make sure that you satisfy each item.

We summarize below the graduate school and department requirements that most often affect CS students. College of Natural Sciences. A common question is whether an undergraduate background requirement can be satisfied by taking the corresponding graduate course. Generally speaking, the corresponding graduate course assumes the undergraduate material as background, and so this approach is not permitted.

That said, exceptions to this general rule are sometimes granted.

A student seeking an exception should consult with the faculty member teaching the corresponding graduate course. We discuss the efficacy of various policies for collaboration with regard to student education, and we consider a number of strategies for mitigating dishonest behaviour on computer science coursework by addressing some common causes.

At a Glance

Computer science coursework is somewhat unique, in that there often exist ideal solutions for problems, and work may be shared and copied with very little effort. We discuss the idiosyncratic nature of how collaboration, collusion and plagiarism are defined and perceived by students, instructors and administration.

UCT may have internal funding for honours students, but it is only available to those who have applied to the NRF first. Students who need a study visa for South Africa should get all the documents and requirements ready before the end of November. You must get this visa before leaving your home country at the nearest South African embassy, consulate or high commission.

Master of Computer Science

Please apply immediately upon hearing of your acceptance. Please bear in mind that the latter half of December is the start of the holiday period in South Africa; while in the new year, due to the pressure of late applicants, the process of obtaining a visa may take longer. Information about registration for new and returning postgraduate students can be found here.

Information for new and returning postgraduate students can be found here. If you need information in addition to the information contained on this page, please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator pgcoordinator at cs dot uct dot ac dot za.

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