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Their mere listening provides a lot of healing. Sharing makes you feel as though you have a story, that you are not alone anymore. Once I realized the impact these young people had on me, I began to thank the students.

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I wanted them to understand the positive impact their listening had on me and to make them feel good and acknowledged. In telling about the war, I try to emphasize a range of powerful stories relating to human behavior and involving love and courage triumphing over hatred and racism.

I share with them my own story of survival, how a Jewish actor, with the help of the bishop of Nice, France, disguised himself as a priest and managed to save over children from the Nazis, including me. Our teacher denounced her. Instead I focus on the positive, and that has helped me. Flora and her mother, Stefanie, near Nice, shortly before Stefanie was taken by the Nazis. Photo courtesy of Flora Hogman. Eventually I decided to talk about my life journey, describing how I have faced the traumatic events in my life and worked to overcome them.

In telling my war story in R.

The trauma of second-generation Holocaust survivors | Life and style | The Guardian

The book has provided me with a whole new way of being heard as people all over began to read it. The book shares the life journeys of three of us survivors, highlighting different aspects of our stories.

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It allowed me to express my individual struggles and achievements, and to feel and show my vulnerabilities, while being part of a group doing the same. Sharing stories in writing and through direct connection with audiences are both crucial. Countess Maria von Maltzan.

A Conspiracy of Goodness. The Children of Bullenhuser Damm. Grynszpan - did he survive? Albert Goering, the good brother. Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. Max Schmeling - Saviour of Jews. Bilecki - a teenage hero. Anton Schmid.

The Stroop Report. SS Mass Murder. The Holocaust Timeline. A Miracle in Denmark. Eva - a victim of Mengele. Testimonies on Nazi Genocide. Remember the Children.

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  4. Irena Sendler, a true Heroine. Kurt Gerstein, SS officer. Winton - Schindler of Britain.

    Children and Morality during the Holocaust

    A Miracle in the Sewers. Ben Helfgott, a KZ survivor. The Children from Izieu. The old photos tell Mengele's Twins.

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    Assignment: Rescue. Horrors of Holocaust. Children of Holocaust. The Rescue of the Danish Jews. The Story of Anne Frank.

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    Father Kolbe from Auschwitz. Raoul Wallenberg. Death in Sobibor. An Eyewitness from Auschwitz. A Holocaust Web Quest. Auschwitz - The Gate to Hell. Kz camp Bergen-Belsen.