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Schools all across the nation are full of obesity children. One of the problems is obesity, which is a growing epidemic in the United States, and it is said that seventy eight percent of Americans are not reaching basic activity level approvals. Looking at it from this standpoint, we can say physical education will have meaning when all of these factors are contributed and put together.

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We have to work together to implement physical education in the schools, but it will all be worth it in the long run France, , p. Most of the participants and staff from this study believe physical. As a child I rode the school bus to and from school with my best friend Nicole. She always sat in the seat across the aisle from me because I could not sit with her.

Last month we flew to Vancouver. Nearly ten years later I was still unable to sit with my best friend. Nicole is pounds and takes up two airplane seats. There is a new concern that arises daily regarding healthy lifestyle choices. The rates of hypertension, strokes, cardiovascular disease and diabetes have all increased.

The increasing. Current high school students are becoming fatter, slower, and less motivated than past students. Many of these young people would prefer to be sitting passively in front of the television rather than to do something physically active. Most high school students believe they do not have sufficient time, opportunity or guidance to participate in physical activities. The ideal place in which students would be able to find adequate time, opportunity and guidance are in the high schools themselves. Physical education being mandatory in a school setting is a very controversial issue in our world today.

Therefore, the number one question is, should physical education in a school setting be mandatory? A debate between two high school students was divided equally. Mara Cobb, a senior from Kentucky, describes, in a typical. Envision a student who does very well in school and would like to take advanced placement or running start classes in order to better prepare themselves for college. This student, however, cannot take these classes because he or she has to take physical education, a gradation requirement, and does not have the schedule flexibility to fit both classes in.

Almost every school in the United States requires students to take physical education in order. For many of us, it was the most hated or the most anticipated class. Those that were a little bit heavier or not as athletically inclined may remember the class as a nightmare, while others may remember it as the most exciting time of the day. Either way, physical education was required.

Today, however, the necessity of physical education classes is up for debate. Parents, faculty, council members, and even the.

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Currently, as a junior at Franklin Towne, I am required to take physical education in order to receive my diploma next year. I am dreading next semester due to the fact that I am much uncoordinated and many do not know about my problem, therefore they tend to joke about my physical abnormalities.

A high school diploma should not require a. Teachers assign bonus credits to the works with references.

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Before we explore the examples of the top argument essay topics for college, it is important to dedicate some time to the structure of the serious work. This time, a student needs a five-paragraph structure. An outline of a debatable paper is standard:.

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Write a powerful hook sentence at the beginning to catch an eye of the target audience use interesting fact, simile, metaphor, literary quote, anecdote, etc. Develop an impressive, clear thesis statement, stressing the main idea. Body paragraph 1. Introduce the initial argument to defend the thesis. Example: Airplane is the safest type of transport. Body paragraph 2.

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Write one more great argument to support the main ideas of your good argumentative essay topics. Body paragraph 3.

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Write information related to the final argument of your paper. Begin with rewritten thesis sentence; mention each of the 3 arguments.

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Conclude by answering the main question, provide a valuable forecast. It would be great to add a call-to-action sentence to leave a strong impression on the reader. We have covered good topics for argumentative essays from different fields of study. If you work on a complex subject having no idea where to move, there are several options to help. Ask your teacher or parents to help with the writing process.

What should a young writer do? The answer is simple as take 3 easy steps to fill the order form on the professional academic writing website, and get your argumentative paper done within the shortest period of time! Another interview essay example can be a college entrance application. To write a good w Imagine that you and your roommate are arguing about the recently released law regarding the death penalty.

You support those who are against the law as you believe killing people makes their judges murderers just like them.